How access localhost url in HTTPS and globally Internet

Suppose that you are a design or developer and you are working on a site. And that site is completely built. Now you have to test that site on mobile without going live on the server.

One More thing when you are creating an app for social login like Facebook login. Then you will need HTTPS URL.

I am going to shere very easy way to access your localhost url in https and globally.

You can use Ngrok helps you to open to the internet a Web server running on your local computer. Only say ngrok on which port your webserver listens.

Fallow Step

1. Go To and downlaod zip file.
2. Extracted ngrok file and you goted "ngrok.exe".
3. Now open up a command line terminal and go to folder where your ngrok.exe file.

4. Run bellow command.

5. When you run above command you will see bellow screen.

Above url your access Anywhere with internet.

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